Thursday 23 May 2024
HT Aula
European Trade Union Institute (EU)


The AI Act will be a key instrument that will impact all workplaces. However, it is important to recognize that workplace governance also encompasses other mechanisms and instruments, notably collective agreements signed between employers and employees. These agreements, which often predate the AI Act, play a crucial role in governing the deployment and use of AI technologies in the workplace. The most recent agreement is the ‘Hollywood actors and writers agreement’ signed with industry players, governing the use of generative AI at sectoral level, setting limits on its use, and establish specific rights. Other agreements also contain concrete example of how to negotiate the introduction of AI at work. Our panel focuses on extracting valuable insights from collective agreements in the US and in the EU, particularly in terms of negotiating AI-related issues in the workplace.

  • How do collective bargaining agreements shape AI governance?
  • How do collective agreements protect workers rights beyond data privacy laws?
  • To what extent technical standardisation (or the AI Act) can bring forward the provisions from collective agreements?
  • What  issues and rights remain for trade unions to incorporate in negotiations?

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