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Call for Panels CPDP2020 – Data Protection and Artificial Intelligence

This call for panels is aimed at academic consortia, research projects, think tanks and other research organisations. (Another call, to individuals for academic research papers, will go out in June 2019).

For the 2020 edition, CPDP takes as its focus one of the most powerful technologies of this century: Artificial Intelligence. Investment and work in AI are accelerating at an unprecedented rate while governments in several countries are swinging into action to regulate AI. What complications does AI add to the already fraught terrain of digital rights? Is the GDPR the panacea for all the legal issues arising in the age of AI? How meaningful is the concept of personal data in the face of systems which work with the logic of identifying hidden trends and behaviour and affect large groups? How can we best address the issues of social justice implicated by AI? Is AI the right framework to discuss the challenges of data-driven technologies? CPDP2020 will serve as a platform to discuss and seek answers to such questions and more. We welcome cutting edge panels in all areas related to technology, privacy and data protection, but particularly invite proposals that fit the general conference theme.  

We particularly seek panel proposals addressing the following topics: 

  • Regulating AI
  • AI in law enforcement and/or national security
  • AI in the public sector
  • Facial recognition and other AI driven video surveillance systems
  • AI and sentiment analysis
  • Deepfakes, news generators and AI-manipulated media
  • AI and gender
  • AI bias and discrimination
  • AI and social justice
  • AI and healthcare
  • AI and children’s privacy
  • AI personhood and posthuman rights
  • Voice-based agents, robots, and social bots  

We encourage panels that are well-balanced, multidisciplinary, geographically and gender diverse.  We also welcome different types of sessions such as debates, roundtables, workshops and other non-conventional formats. More information about rules for panel composition and submission can be found in the submission form below. 

Please note: chosen institutions, organisations or EU research projects will become CPDP2020 event partners. This implies that the event partner is able to finance all costs of the panel speakers (travel and lodging) in addition to paying a conference contribution of €1200 (excl. VAT). In return, the event partner will be granted a number of benefits such as logo recognition, conference bag insert and full conference registration for the panelists. Organizations such as nonprofits for whom the panel fee would cause financial hardship can get in touch after submitting their panel proposal.

Panel proposals should be submitted through the online form below. Please fill in the form as completely as possible.


  • Final panel submission/suggestion: Sunday, 16th June 2019
  • Notification sent to panel proposers: Monday, 8th July 2019
  • Panel organisation finalised: Friday, October 18th, 2019
  • Dates of CPDP 2020: 22nd to 24th January, 2020

Submission Form

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Please fill in as completely as possible and submit before 16 June 2019. Please include all information according to the format and length provided in the instructions. In cases of uncertainty, please see the program of the last conference.


If these rules are not followed, CPDP reserves the right to step in and address any issues.