Call for Panels CPDP2022

Please note that the deadline for submitting a panel proposal has now passed. It is still possible to make a late submission via the form below, but there is no guarantee that the form will be considered.  

CPDP is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and we will follow recommendations concerning travel and public events. At this time, we are continuing preparations for CPDP2022 to take place in Brussels on January 26-28 2022. However, we will review this on an ongoing basis as well as engaging in contingency planning. We are also working on alternatives to the physical conference. We will update you on any decisions promptly.

After careful consideration, we decided to opt for a title that reflects the fluid global reality more accurately. While the topics in the Call for Panels remain the same, we also envisage possibilities for broader discussions on future imaginaries for data protection law and the role of technology therein. Accordingly, we have extended the deadline until July 5th 2021.

This call for panels is aimed at academic consortia, research projects, think tanks and other research organisations and welcomes proposals that address issues of data protection and privacy in transitional times. (Another call, to individuals for academic research papers, will go out in June 2021).

There have been major shifts in technology adoption during times of crises as emergency measures forced societies and economies to become more reliant on digital technologies and infrastructures. The increased dependence on a few companies for vital technological infrastructure has also escalated calls for ‘digital sovereignty’ in Europe. Besides bidding to form future models for data governance and the data economy, the EU has also laid out plans to pioneer legislation governing the use of artificial intelligence. In this pivotal moment, engaging in transatlantic, multidisciplinary dialogue has become of central significance.

As the most recent and salient example, the pandemic has led to the reassertion of nations, sovereignty and borders in myriad ways. Among the most evident realities of the pandemic was sorting populations back into their nations of passport. It has also enabled new means of establishing and justifying borders with long term closures and the introduction of new digital identity infrastructure such as vaccine passports.

Amidst all these developments, what are the major dynamics at play which aim to influence future models of data and technology governance? What is law’s task in the wake of epidemics that exacerbate inequalities and unjust data practices? While “data as asset” approach is gaining a stronghold in political discourse, what are the future imaginaries for data protection law?

The theme of CPDP2022 is ‘Data Protection & Privacy in Transitional Times' We welcome cutting edge panels in all areas related to technology, privacy and data protection, but particularly invite proposals that fit the general conference theme.

We particularly seek panel proposals addressing the following topics:

  • Data sovereignty and other emerging data governance models
  • Digital borders and data protection law
  • Digital infrastructures as sites of power
  • Data cooperatives and community ownership of data
  • AI governance
  • Public health surveillance
  • Surveillance of migration and borders
  • Data protection and law enforcement
  • Fundamental rights in the digital environment
  • New perspectives on privacy and data protection
  • Regulatory platform governance approaches 

We encourage panels that are well-balanced, multidisciplinary, geographically and gender diverse. We also welcome different types of sessions such as debates, roundtables, workshops and other non-conventional formats. More information about rules for panel composition and submission can be found here

Please note

Chosen institutions, organisations or EU research projects will become CPDP2022 event partners. This implies that the event partner is able to finance all costs of the panel speakers (travel and lodging) in addition to paying a conference contribution of €1300. In return, the event partner will be granted a number of benefits such as logo recognition, conference bag insert and full conference registration for the panelists.

As part of our contingency planning, digital partnership options will be available with a set of benefits adapted to the virtual conference setting. Please contact us at for more information.

Organizations such as nonprofits for whom the panel fee would cause financial hardship can get in touch after submitting their panel proposal. Panel proposals should be submitted through the online form here. Please fill in the form as completely as possible.


  • Dates of CPDP 2022: 23-25 May 2022

Submission Form

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Please fill in as completely as possible and submit by 5 July 2021 at the latest. Panel proposals submitted after the deadline have no guarantee to be considered. Please include all information according to the format and length provided in the instructions. In cases of uncertainty, please check the program booklets of the previous editions here.


If these rules are not followed, CPDP reserves the right to step in and address any issues.

Please note that the deadline for submitting a Panel proposal has now passed. It is still possible to make a late submission via the form below, but there is no guarantee that the form will be considered.  

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