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CPDP is now taking place 22-24 May 2024.


Registration are open. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates. The early bird deadline will be open untill 10th of March. 




Data protection authorities and officials, academics, civil liberties organisations, business firms, magistrates, barristers, legal consultants, lobbyists, representatives of ICT and security companies, etc.


Although many of us will miss the old location, we kindly inform you we have signed a contract with a new venue in Brussels. In May 2024, the CPDP team will welcome the community at the enigmatic Maison de la Poste and the Herman Teirlinck Building, at the Tour & Taxis site.
The Tour & Taxis site is close by the Brussels city centre. There is a hop-on shuttle bus available from morning to evening, connecting the site in 5 minutes with Gare Du Nord, Hotel accommodations and public transport facilities.

  • Maison de la Poste, Rue Picard 5/7, 1000 Brussels
  • Herman Teirlinckgebouw, Havenlaan 88, 1000 Brussels


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Attending CPDP in 2022 (Covid)

It started in 2007

What are the current COVID-19 measures in Belgium?

The measures in Belgium are decided on the basis of a barometer, with three colour-coded phases: yellow, orange and red. Belgium is currently under code yellow which means that:

The CPDP team will continue to adhere to strict air quality requirements in indoor areas.We will continue to update this page regularly and continue to work with all partners to make sure CPDP is a Covid-safe conference.Please keep a close eye on our FAQ page and consult the official Coronavirus barometer for Belgium here.


About CPDP Conferences

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Hotel Accommodation

It started in 2007

Any requests for hotel accommodation must be accompanied by a credit card number, in order to secure the room. Participants will have to pay their hotel room and personal expenses at the reception of the hotel. In case of late cancellation or no show, the room will be charged on the credit card.

Double Tree By Hilton ****

IBIS Brussels City Center ***

Yadoya hotel ***

  • On 22-24/05: Single room: € 167,00/night;
    Double room: € 179,00/night
  • WiFi & Breakfast are included in these rates
  • City tax: € 4,24 per room per night
  • Cancellation Policy: > 7 days before arrival: Free of charge; < 7 days before arrival: 100% will be charged; No show: 100% will be charged
  • Book your room by contacting:
    Maryline Deschamps
    +32 2 891 41 08

Discover Brussels, Belgium and the EU

It started in 2007


Belgium is known for its beers, waffles and chocolate. And maybe for its rich cultural heritance. You will find evidence of all of these in its capital city. But Brussels is so much more than that. It is a melting pot of different cultures, different opinions, different lifestyles… Nothing is too crazy and everything is possible. The city doesn’t have any big touristic highlights like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Big Ben in London. You have to venture off the beaten path. Allow yourself to be surprised and you will have a great time.  
If you want some tips on what to see or do, these websites will help you out.

  • Spotted by Locals • An all-round blog run by locals. They tell youwhere to eat the most delicious meals, where to drink the cheapest Belgianbeers and even where to swim.
  • The Brusselsprouts • This blog not only talks about the best spots in town to have a nice meal, but also gives you an overview of the events that are happening in and around Brussels.
  • The Word Magazine • Used to be a printed artsy magazine all about Brussels and Belgium in general. Browsing through the archived website will get you all enthused about your upcoming trip! Today The Word developed into a radio station similarly spirited. At CPDP2020 we collaborate to make live radio broadcasting from the conference. 
  • See You There • Just like ‘The Word Magazine’, See You There doesn’t just stop at the borders of Brussels. They explore all things cultural and give you a guide on what to do in Belgium each week.
  • Visit Brussels • This is the official website of the Brussels tourism board and will give you a general overview on what’s happening in the city.

And of course, don’tforget to check out CPDP-related side events!


  • Visit the Parlamentarium, Europe’s largest parliamentary visitor centre, to get a flavour of European politics. Multimedia handsets in the European Union’s 24 official languages will help guide visitors to the heart of the European Parliament, explaining the path towards European integration, how the European Parliament works and what its Members are doing to meet the challenges of today.
    Visit the website for more information
  • The House of European History offers a trans-national overview of European history. The main focus of the permanent exhibition is on European history from the 20th century and the history of European integration, viewed from a broad historical perspective and bringing together both contrasting and shared experiences of Europeans in history.
    Visit the website for more information.

Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent AND LIEGE

As you know, Belgium is about as big as a tea towel. Everything is nearby and you don’t need to travel far to be able to see the whole country. Especially when you are staying in Brussels, all other cities are nearby and easy to reach.

  • Antwerp  (45 minutes by train) • Antwerp is the second largest town of Belgium, the largest port of Belgium and the second largest port of Europe. The city has a lot to offer, ranging from high-end shops to architectural highlights like the house of Paul Peter Rubens.
    Visit the website for more information
  • Bruges (1 hour by train) • Bruges is also called the “Venice of the North” and you will instantly get why. The inner city is well-preserved and almost looks like a museum. Bruges was once a main port and welcomed plenty of artists and nobles from Europe during the 15th century.
    Visit the website for more information
  • Ghent (30 minutes by train) • Ghent can rely on along and rich history. It is the birthplace of Charles V and it played an important role during the industrial revolution in continental Europe. Today, the city has maintained its medieval centre but other than that, it is known for its lively cultural scene. Don’t hesitate to check out a play or concert while visiting the city.
    Visit the website for more information
  • Liège  (1 hour by train) • Liège is located near the Meuse River in Belgium’s French-speaking Wallonia region. Its old town is filled with landmarks dating back to the medieval era, including the Romanesque Church of St. Bartholomew. The Grand Curtius museum houses archaeological treasures and art, while Opéra Royal de Wallonie has staged operas since 1820. Lately it has been a hub for all sorts of artistic activities.
    Visit the website for more information


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