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CPDP2021 Moral Supporters

Access Now’s mission is to defend and extend the digital rights of users at risk around the world. By combining direct technical support though the Helpline, comprehensive policy engagement, global advocacy, grassroots grantmaking, and convenings such as the annual RightsCon, the organisation fight for human rights in the digital age.

BEUC is the Brussels-based umbrella group for 46 consumer organisations from 32 countries. Our main role is to represent them to the EU institutions and defend the interests of European consumers. Our work involves making sure the EU takes policy decisions that improve the lives of consumers. This covers a range of topics including competition, consumer rights, digital rights, enforcement, financial services, health, sustainability and trade policy. We were founded in 1962 by consumer groups from six European countries. Nowadays our members are from all 27 EU Member States as well as Iceland, North Macedonia, Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

The Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) serves a vitally important mission protecting the privacy and welfare of the public in the “Big Data” driven marketplace. We position ourselves on the cutting edge of commercial digital media developments, analyzing how the dramatic expansion of online and offline information collection, the use of sophisticated data analysis, and advances in the creation and delivery of personalized marketing are used to target individuals, families, and communities. CDD explores how Big Data practices and technologies, particularly with regard to privacy, adversely affect individuals, groups and society. The impact of these practices on equity, autonomy and agency, and the erosion of civil rights, fairness and freedom are our main concerns.

CDT is a champion of global online civil liberties and human rights, driving policy outcomes that keep the internet open, innovative, and free. At the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT), we believe in the power of the internet. Whether it's facilitating entrepreneurial endeavors, providing access to new markets and opportunities, or creating a platform for free speech, the internet empowers, emboldens and equalizes people around the world. We work to preserve the user-controlled nature of the internet and champion freedom of expression. We support laws, corporate policies, and technology tools that protect the privacy of internet users, and advocate for stronger legal controls on government surveillance. Headquartered in Washington, with an international presence in Brussels, CDT works inclusively across sectors and the political spectrum to find tangible solutions to today's most pressing internet policy challenges.

The Danish National Research Foundation Centre for Privacy Studies (PRIVACY), University of Copenhagen, is dedicated to research into historical notions of privacy and the private. The Centre was founded in 2017; it brings together historians of architecture, law, political ideas, religion and social conditions. The PRIVACY research team examines how explicit and implicit notions of privacy shape relations between individuals and society across diverse historical contexts. We are particularly interested in indications of privacy as a value and as a threat, and aim to mobilize historical insights as a resource for research an debates on contemporary privacy issues.

Datapanik offers a platform and a network for everyone who is critical of surveillance and control, both “in real life” and online. We are concerned about the erosion of our privacy and our rights and freedoms due to increasing surveillance. With datapanik we want to counterbalance what we describe as "zones of permanent control". We do this through both criticism and promoting alternatives. We also support campaigns, initiatives and projects that go against the trend towards more and more control and surveillance. Our focus is on Belgium, but we keep an open eye for the international context.

Gathering five national consumer organisations (Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil) and giving voice to a total of more than 1.5 million people, Euroconsumers is the world’s leading consumer cluster in terms of innovative information, personalized services and defense of consumer’s rights. It has experience with both private enforcement (large class actions against Facebook and Volkswagen) and collaboration activities with global brands to the benefit of consumers. Euroconsumers’ organisations work closely together and with BEUC, The European Consumer Organisation, and Consumers International to ensure consumers are safe, that markets are fair and benefit from honest relations with businesses and authorities.

The Liga voor Mensenrechten (the League for Human Rights) is a Belgian human rights NGO, founded in 1979. The Liga argues that human rights ensure our safety and freedom. The Liga promotes respect for human rights and monitors human rights violations in Belgium via: ⁃ Awareness raising about human rights among the general public (eg. Human Rights Prize, Big Brother Awards, debates, media presence, workshops). ⁃ Advocacy work focusing on issues such as privacy, the balance between security and freedom, discrimination and detention. ⁃ Strategic litigation focused on the highest Belgian courts such as the Constitutional Court and the Conseil d’Etat.

Founded in 1901, the Belgian Human Rights League is the main non-profit, independent and non-partisan organisation fighting injustices and infringements on fundamental rights in Belgium. It defends and promotes human rights through a wide panel of actions, such as legal proceedings, advocacy, campaigning, capacity building and awareness raising actions.

The ‘Ministry of Privacy’ is a Privacy Foundation, which is battling huge privacy invasions committed by our governments and corporates, and raising awareness. We define four core tasks: to inform & raise awareness, to react to questions from journalists and citizens, to teach companies and institutions better privacy-practices and litigate when it is really needed. We are currently already litigating against the Belgian government, against the inclusion of fingerprints on identity cards. Privacy is so much more than law. Let’s make it attractive, and understandable.

Privacy First is an Amsterdam-based foundation with the aim to preserve and promote the right to privacy as a universal human right. To this end, Privacy First is active in the areas of political lobbying, legal action and litigation as well as public campaigns. Our core mission is to turn the Netherlands into a guiding nation in the field of privacy and data protection. For this purpose, Privacy First Solutions works with public authorities as well as industry. In addition, Privacy First organizes the annual Dutch Privacy Awards.

Besides co-organizing CPDP, Privacy Salon , organizes activities for the large public. Bearing the name Privacytopia, they take various formats, such as public debates, workshops, film screenings, and, most notably, art exhibitions and installations, targeting primarily the broader general public and aiming at raising awareness and critically reflecting about privacy, data protection, surveillance and other legal, ethical and societal issues raised by the emergence and adoption of technologies. An annual city festival around the themes of privacy and data use, with the same name, will be launched in Brussels in 2022.

Noyb – European Centre for Digital Rights based in Vienna, Austria. The non-profit association noyb is committed to the legal enforcement of European data protection laws. Since 2018, noyb has filed more than 550 cases against numerous intentional infringements by private actors. noyb is funded by more than 4,300 supporting members. is the Brussels tourist agency. Its mission is to bolster and spread the image of the Brussels-Capital Region. wishes to put Brussels on the local and international map as the capital of 500 million Europeans, the "world city" where 184 different nationalities mingle, making Brussels a cosmopolitan place with permanent links to the rest of the world. The website of has comprehensive information for everyone planning to visit the capital.

Media Partners

CPDP2021 Media Partners

Brussels Legal is a community site for European and International law professionals working in Belgium. In addtion to jobs for international legal experts, Brussel Legal has the latest news updates from major law firms as well as in depth interviews on careers in international law, and even football resulst from the Brulex football tournament between international Brussels law firms. Brussels Legal is a central hub for legal conference postings and also has a newcomer guide and an insider blog about life in an international Law Firm.

Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany’s international broadcaster and one of the most successful and relevant international media outlets. Our multimedia content in 30 languages generates more than one billion user contacts every month. DW is an unbiased media organization, headquartered in Germany, with news bureaus around the world. The journalistic content we provide is giving our users the freedom to make up their own minds and enables them to form their own opinions. DW is actively fighting against censorship using the software Psiphon. The latest update of the DW app has integrated the software.

Data Protection Officers Network was launched in Romania at the beginning of 2019 and it is offering national and international information of great interest, selected especially for privacy and data protection specialists.

The European Data Protection Law Review (EDPL) is the leading peer-reviewed journal dedicated to European data protection and privacy law. EDPL provides a practical and intellectual forum for analysing issues related to privacy and data protection, data processing, data transfers, civil liberties and technology.

The European Affairs jobsite provides access to 80'000 Legal, Policy, Economics and Communications experts from all over Europe. Hundreds of Consultancies, Law Firms, NGOs, Think Tanks and Industry Associations recruit specialised candidates every month.

EuroLegalJobs is a one-stop shop for recruiting from a pool of thousands of international European legal experts. The candidates are specialised in EU law as well as in Risk and IP Protection, Company Law, EU Law, Data Protection, Finance Law etc.

MO* is a quarterly magazine and a website with a global outlook. MO* contains global news and news about globalization, development cooperation, international relations, climate change, sustainable development, environment, migration, media,… More info:

Privacy Laws & Business, celebrating its 35th year in 2021, provides the world’s longest established international data protection publications and independent conferences with clients in 50+ countries. Services also include roundtables with regulators, recruitment, training, external Data Protection Officer services, consulting and auditing for private and public sectors. We show why and how a positive approach to privacy laws reduces regulatory action, criminal penalties, civil claims and also increases your competitive advantage, helps build and sustain customer and employee trust, and can become a driver of your business strategy.