Ponce Del Castillo

European Trade Union Institute (ETUI)

Aida Ponce Del Castillo is a lawyer by training. She holds a master’s degree in bioethics and has obtained her European doctorate in law. At the Foresight Unit of the ETUI, her research focuses on the cross-boundary field between science and emerging technologies, especially with regard to ethical, social and legal issues, with a focus on AI. Additionally, she is in charge of conducting foresight projects. She is a member of the committee for the National Convergence Plan for the Development of AI, in Belgium. At the OECD she is a member of the working parties on biotechnology, nanotechnology and converging technologies, as well as on Al governance.


Ponce Del Castillo

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Fair Futures at Work: Co-Creation and AI-driven Solutions in Governing the Hiring Process
Class Room
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eLaw - Leiden University (NL)

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Ponce Del Castillo

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