Thursday 23 May 2024
CPDP Latin America


The rapid growth of Generative Artificial Intelligence is posing numerous challenges to Data Protection legislations and to their enforcement in the Rising Voices of the G20 countries, which include members of the BRICS+ grouping of countries. Despite providing significant advances, these technologies also present enormous risks. Regarding data protection, there are several concerns, notably about the training of Large Language Models, which remain unsolved. The panel plans to address normative initiatives regarding the regulation of AI, focusing also on the current responses given by Data Protection Authorities, and exploring challenges from the perspectives of the rising voices of the G20 countries. The speakers will address the ongoing regulatory efforts of the grouping, including the Brazilian AI Bill, the Indian approach to data governance and digital public infrastructure, the African Union approach to AI, and the emergence of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries as key AI players. 

  • How are the “rising voices” of the G20 countries addressing GenAI?
  • How are Data Protection Authorities responding to violations? 
  • What strategies can regulators and stakeholders adopt to promote the development of AI without jeopadising fundamental rights?  
  • To what extent can risk-based AI regulatory frameworks help address current regulatory deficiencies? 


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