Thursday 23 May 2024


As AI is profoundly transforming our societies at an increasingly rapid pace, governments and legislators have a pivotal role in shaping its development for years to come. We are, indeed, witnessing a mushrooming of initiatives that seek to regulate AI to minimize its negative externalities, particularly in what is known as the “AI safety” debate. At the same time, a wide range of measures have been put forward to stimulate the development and use of AI, which takes into account the specificities of the local ecosystem- what is often referred to as the definition of a national “AI strategy”. This panel will illustrate and compare the approaches to these issues taken by 4 leading jurisdictions in Latin America, reflecting in particular on the main preoccupations behind the existing proposals, the varying degree of stakeholder participation, and their expected effectiveness.

  • What are the differences in the approaches taken in the jurisdictions under consideration?
  • What are the preoccupations behind the proposals?
  • Which role did stakeholder participation play in the proposals?
  • What is the expected effectiveness of the proposals?

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