CPDPai2024 Archive and Session Recordings

It's a wrap! was a big success and we thank every one who attended online and offline 😁

This year was the biggest that CPDP has ever been with numerous panels, workshops, book clubs, movie screenings, artist keynotes, art installations, our own radio and, of course, our new venue 🏡 We had the honour to welcome 1.367 guests, with people from 50 different nationalities. We programmed 89 panels, 42 workshops, 2 movie projections, 8 book club sessions and 2 artist keynotes. Permanent on view were partner booths, the curated book shop (by De Groene Waterman), an exhibition about elections (In-Holland/Tactical Tech), the CODE prject (IMPAKT, werktank, noschool, Privacy Salon), an exhibition about e-waste and nature in the post-anthropcene (Sabrina Ratté), an audiowalk (geo-located at Tour & Taxis by artist Rebekka Jochem). We even had a visit from the fashion police, a squad of drones scanning the CPDP.ai crowd for violations (artist performance by Ahnjili ZhuParris).

🎬 If you could't make it in person or missed a panel, no worries, you can watch the recordings on our youtube channel.


📸 If you want to relive the feeling of the conference, you can soon visit our CPDP gallery. Our lovely photographer Sophie Lenoir did an amazing job capturing the event.


Your CPDP Team ☀