Thursday 23 May 2024
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL)


Public authorities increasingly deploy AI in various facets of governance, surveillance, and decision-making thereby increasing their power. For this reason it is imperative to scrutinise to what extent the existing legal order in the EU counterbalances this power by affording legal protection to individuals and communities vis-à-vis the state in administrative procedures. AI should not be used to the detriment of individuals and their rights without their ability to effectively challenge decisions disadvantaging them. Within this context the panel will discuss various critical perspectives on the use of AI in public administrations, including human rights and principles of good administration.

  • What is the current state of legal protection for individuals vis-à-vis the state in administrative procedures provided by EU law?
  • To which extent does the AI Act contribute to such legal protection?
  • What are the limits of the right to good administration with respect to publicly deployed AI and what should we do about these limits?
  • Can individual legal explanation rights be transformed to force more equitable decision making practices on institutional levels?


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