Thursday 23 May 2024
Grande Halle
Google (US)


This panel explores the interplay between artificial intelligence (AI) and related regulation (e.g.: GDPR, AIA), focusing on navigating innovation, compliance, fostering organizational accountability, and safeguarding the rights of individuals. It will delve into the landscape where AI innovation intersects with regulatory frameworks, key strategies for harmonizing technological advancements with organisational efforts. Join us as experts from business, policy and think tanks to discuss the complexities of legal compliance, including AIA and the GDPR, in AI-driven environments to foster innovation and new partnerships in Europe and beyond, offering insights into effective regulatory enforcement mechanisms and empowering users to assert their data rights. Gain actionable perspectives on how stakeholders can navigate the evolving regulatory landscape and cultivate a culture of responsible AI governance to meet the dual objectives of innovation and data protection.

  • What measures can be taken to empower users in understanding and asserting their rights regarding AI-driven data processing under the GDPR and AI Act?
  • How can regulatory bodies effectively enforce regulations in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI technology?
  • What strategies should organizations adopt to ensure AI systems comply with regulation requirements while maintaining innovation?
  • How can research and innovation help shape AI policies?

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