Thursday 23 May 2024
Class Room
DG Just


Data Protection regulators around the world are increasingly enforcing convergent rules, often investigating similar commercial conducts, if not companies, and addressing similar challenges, including in the area of Artificial Intelligence. This panel will address the theme of international cooperation among data protection authorities (DPAs), highlighting cases of effective partnership, key challenges, and prospects for future joint activities. It will showcase the different ways in which DPAs work together at international level, including through information sharing, knowledge exchanges and joint regulatory activities, among others. It will chart a path forward for increasing the effectiveness of cooperation measures. The panel will bring together representatives from DPAs in different parts of the world, engaging both well-established authorities and newly created ones. It will consider the growing importance of international networks in facilitating enforcement cooperation and emphasize developments related to joint investigations by DPAs.

  • What are some of the most successful examples of recent coordination by enforcement authorities or networks?
  • What opportunities exist for developing more effective operational partnerships among DPAs?
  • What practical challenges impede international enforcement collaborations by DPAs?
  • What role can regional networks of DPAs play in promoting joint enforcement activities?

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