Thursday 23 May 2024
HT Petite
Centro Nazionale IoT e Privacy (IT)


This panel addresses the intricate balance between AI advancement and data governance in the context of smart cities. It features a dialogue among diverse stakeholders including legal experts, technology innovators, and NGO representatives, each bringing a unique viewpoint on managing data ethically and effectively in urban environments. The discussion will focus on the challenges and opportunities in utilizing AI and synthetic data to enhance urban life, while respecting data privacy and individual rights. We will delve into the advancing landscape of data anonymization methods and examine how EU policies are crafting an ecosystem favorable for digital innovation. This session aims to thoroughly investigate the collaboration across various sectors to propel AI advancement in smart cities, focusing on aligning technological growth with fundamental values of data protection and building citizens’ trust.

  • How can diverse stakeholders effectively collaborate to balance AI advancement with data protection in smart cities?
  • How can data governance in smart cities support inclusive and sustainable urban development?
  • What role does cross-sector collaboration play in responsible AI use in smart city applications?
  • How can smart cities ensure transparency and accountability in their AI and data governance models?

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