Wednesday 22 May 2024
Grande Halle
Council of Europe


One of the main objectives of Convention 108+ is to facilitate the free flow of data between Parties to the Convention and from Parties to non-Parties while at the same time ensuring an appropriate level of protection for data subjects even in the country of destination. Pre-approved, standardised clauses provided by legally binding and enforceable contracts can ensure an appropriate level of protection guaranteed by Convention 108+ in cases of transborder data flows. The Council of Europe will soon have a complete set of MCC covering transfers from data controller to data controller, from controller to processor and from processor to processor. The panel will explore their relation to other existing similar instruments and their potential in practice.

  • What are the specificities of the CoE MCC?
  • What is the scope of application of the CoE MCC?
  • Are the CoE MCC meant only for Parties?
  • What role can the CoE MCC play at a global level?


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