Wednesday 22 May 2024
Class Room
Data Privacy Brasil (BR)


This panel will initially dive into two processes to regulate Artificial Intelligence (AI) development and applications: the recently agreed upon EU AI Act and the pending legislation being pushed in Brazil. The panel will explore main features of the passed European Act, as well as criticism from a human rights perspective and critical reflections on how its provisions (and lack thereof) will interact with other legal instruments. It will also provide information and updates on the Brazilian lawmaking process to draft an AI legal framework, what different approaches Brazil has on the table (as of the time of the panel) and what the current disputes are. Finally, the panel will explore how both of these instruments interact with the patchwork of international, multilateral initiatives to govern AI at different levels and instances, as well as the panelists’ takes on the way forward towards a just, equitable, human-centric AI global governance. 

  • What are the main features of the approved AI Act and how do they interact with other relevant legal norms?
  • How does the final text fare in terms of human rights protections, from a civil society perspective? 
  • In sum, how does the current Brazilian approach to regulating AI differ from the European one and what are the main points of contention still being discussed at this stage in the process? 
  • How can these two processes be contextualized within a broader, global and multilateral ‘’race’’ to govern AI? What are some expectations regarding this topic in forums such as the G20 and the UN?


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