As the managing director of the IAPP’s AI Governance Center, Casovan serves as the primary thought leader and public voice for the IAPP on AI governance, while providing strategic direction and contributions to the development of practical, relevant and timely content for the AIGC. Casovan will lead the AIGC engagement efforts with industry leaders, senior policy makers, regulators and international organizations to ensure AI governance is top of mind when discussing AI’s potential. Through roles in the public sector at the municipal and federal levels, Casovan developed expertise in responsible AI, standards, policy, open government and data governance. As the former director of data and digital for the government of Canada, Casovan previously led the development of the world’s first national government policy for responsible AI. Building from this work, Casovan served as the Executive Director of the Responsible AI Institute, a multi-stakeholder non-profit dedicated to mitigating harm from the use of AI systems, a member of OECD’s AI Policy Observatory Network of Experts, a member of the World Economic Forum's AI Governance Alliance, an Executive Board Member of the International Centre of Expertise in Montréal on Artificial Intelligence and as a member of the IFIP/IP3 Global Industry Council within the UN.



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