Call for Panels CPDP2023 – Ideas That Drive Our Digital World - Deadline 25 November

Dear CPDP community,

This call for panels is aimed at academic consortia, research projects, think tanks and other research organisations and welcomes proposals that address the ideas that drive our digital world.

Please note that another call, to individuals for academic research papers, will go out in October 2022. For-profit organisations interested in organising a panel at CPDP or otherwise wishing to support the conference, we kindly ask you to refer to our Sponsorship page or reach out to for further information.

Deadline for submission: 25 November 2022


In an increasingly digitised world, an ever-expanding constellation of data protection norms and values continues to materialise. The digital and regulatory agendas, both locally and globally, have profound impacts on the ways in which individuals and societies experience technology. A reflection on the ideas that drive our digital world requires a reckoning with some of the big questions facing us today: how do we design a truly inclusive digital society? What is the future of technology and regulation, and how is this future decided?

Emerging global standards for privacy, data protection, AI and beyond, raise myriad questions on the rule of law in the digital world, processes of international norm creation, self-regulation and standardisation, and the design of governance and accountability frameworks. As data flows know no borders, and data protection laws have come of age, are current frameworks sufficient or are new ideas necessary?

Crucially, reflecting on the ideas that drive our digital world also requires profound conversations on the societal, legal, ethical and technical norms that underpin the development of new technologies and the rules that govern their use.

The theme of CPDP2023 is ‘Ideas that Drive our Digital World’ - we welcome cutting edge panels in all areas related to technology, privacy and data protection, and particularly invite proposals that fit the general conference theme.

We particularly seek panel proposals addressing the following topics:

  • Histories and futures of data protection and privacy
  • Data protection and privacy regulation in practice
  • International dialogue, harmonising regional and international digital agendas
  • Data protection in law enforcement and security
  • Critical data justice perspectives on existing and future data norms, laws and standards
  • Geographies of data use
  • Citizen participation in data protection and privacy norm creation
  • The protection of human dignity in the digital world
  • New perspectives on the cultural, legal, and socio-ethical dimensions of privacy and data protection
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to data protection and privacy

We encourage panels that are well-balanced, multidisciplinary, geographically and gender diverse. We also welcome different types of sessions such as debates, roundtables, workshops and other non-conventional formats. More information about rules for panel composition and submission can be found here.

Key Dates

  • Final panel submission: November 25th, 2022
  • Notification sent to panel convenors: December 16th, 2022
  • Panel organisation finalised: February 28th, 2023
  • Dates of CPDP 2023: 24th to 26th May 2023

If you have an innovative idea for the set-up of a panel or workshop or have any questions regarding potential panel topics, please contact the organisers at

Warm regards,

The Programming Committee and the Scientific Committee