22/5/2022 6:00 PM
22/5/2022 9:30 PM
The Brussels Privacy Hub; NYM
Area 42
Rue des Palais 46, 1030 Bruxelles

Event Description

CPDP2022 Opening Night

Join us on Sunday 22 May, starting at 18:00, for the Opening Night of CPDP 2022 with two stellar panels. Thank you to Nym Technologies and the Brussels Privacy Hub for organising this special evening with us.

Introductory remarks by Paul De Hert

Privacy Against Power – in conversation with Chelsea Manning

Having recently returned from the Ukrainian/Polish border, activist and security analyst at Nym Chelsea Manning will speak about the urgency of private and secure communications. She will be in conversation with KU Leuven Professor Bart Preneel and Nym CEO Harry Halpin.

Vulnerable Individuals in the Age of AI Regulation

Defining and protecting individual vulnerabilities is a relevant challenge in the data protection field. In the GDPR the definition of “vulnerable” data subjects refers explicitly only to children, but the EDPS has often clarified that any situation of imbalance could bring to data subjects’ vulnerability: this includes cognitive issues, social and economic conditions, but also strongly asymmetric relationship (users of social media, employees vs. their employers, patients in hospitals, etc.).

The Artificial Intelligence Act is taking this challenge into account, proposing to prohibit the exploitation of some forms of vulnerability (based on age, disability or – in the Council version – even economic and social conditions), but it is very limited. However, the general definition of vulnerability proposed at Article 7 as based on a power, informational or social imbalance seems very meaningful.

This panel will be the opportunity to promote a multi-stakeholder discussion between scholars, activists, industries and institutions on the definition and protection of vulnerable data subjects across the world.


Mireille Hildebrandt – Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Louisa Klingvall – European Commission

Gabriela Zanfir Fortuna – Future of Privacy Forum

Ivana Bortoletti – University of Oxford

Brando Benifei – European Parliament

Moderated by Gianclaudio Malgieri – Vrije Universiteit Brussel/EDHEC Business School

Concluding remarks by Achim Klabunde

Followed by a cocktail reception celebrating the CPDP 2022 Opening Night!

This event is also partially open to members of the public, so please come early to secure your seat.


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