Wednesday 22 May 2024
Grande Halle


A discussion on how recent developments and trends in data protection, safety and privacy are reshaping the way data is shared across borders. Panelists will examine both the policy and the impact of new technological advancements on global data flows weighing recent developments in privacy, public safety and national security with the need for global cooperation to ensure the free flow of information. How has the landscape evolved as new kinds of technology, such as generative AI are reshaping the technological landscape. How do we ensure the right balance as we seek to ensure the trusted flow of information while protecting national interests, public safety and the protection of fundamental rights. Panelists will discuss recent developments in the data sharing landscape and issues yet to be solved to ensure economic prosperity, safety and protection of human rights amongst like-minded democracies.

  • How can we strike the right balance between the trusted flow of information and safeguarding national interests and public safety?
  • In what ways do recent developments (the Data Privacy Framework, OECD Trusted Government Access Principles, eEvidence in the EU and state-level privacy laws in the US) address or exacerbate privacy concerns in each region? What do these advancements tell us about the commonality and shared values that exist between the US and EU when it comes to trusted sharing and access to data? How do we expect recent world events to further shape/influence these issues? 
  • What unresolved issues exist in the data sharing landscape, and how can they be addressed to promote economic prosperity and protect human rights among like-minded democracies? 
  • In the context of rapidly evolving technological landscapes, what strategies can we employ to effectively manage the immediate demands of data flow while simultaneously laying the groundwork for strategic long-term planning?


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