Wednesday 22 May 2024


Fundamental rights play a key role in the debate on the regulation of Artificial Intelligence. Technology is frequently claimed to generate new threats to rights such as privacy, data protection and freedom of expression, among the others. However, artificial Intelligence systems in particular can also enhance and support the protection of fundamental rights, such as in the case of privacy preserving technologies, which accommodate various societal needs (facilitating the dissemination of information while safeguarding privacy). Against this background, it is hugely debated among scholars whether a fundamental rights impact assessment should be required for some applications of AI systems, particularly considering the spread of generative models. The panel aims to investigate how to reconcile innovation and fundamental rights in light of the mutual shaping of regulation and artificial intelligence.

  • Can privacy preserving technology support fundamental rights protection?
  • How can regulators bridge the gap between fundamental rights and the evolution of AI?
  • Which is the role of technology as regulatory factor?
  • Which remedies are available in the current state of art?

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