23/5/2022 7:00 AM
25/5/2022 7:00 PM
Privacytopia and Effi and Amir
Aere 42

Event Description

Are voices the new target of border control? Places of Articulation: Five Obstructions is a video installation that addresses automatic dialect detection. Based on an analysis of a person’s voice and mouth movements, speech recognition tools can detect what region someone comes from. The German immigration authority has been using this detection tool during asylum procedures since 2018. Places of Articulation: Five Obstructions explores how this technology uses the voice as a new border. The installation reveals how voice recognition is marked by structures inclusion and exclusion.

Places of Articulation: Five Obstructions presents five stories about the political, embodied and sonic dimensions of the voice. While the individuals recount their stories, machines analyse, measure and visualise their voices.

Effi & Amir have a table and chairs set up - close to their video installation - to have open conversations about your and their work. Specially if you are involved with research or development of biometric sound and voice technology, reach out to them for a sit down.


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