25/5/2022 4:00 PM
25/5/2022 5:15 PM
Privacy Camp
Institute for European Studies, EDRi, Privacy Salon and LSTS
Maison des Arts/Library

Event Description

In January 2022, the 10th edition of Privacy Camp focused on the topic of “Digital at the centre, rights at the margins”. In total, 300 academics, activists and privacy experts attended thirteen sessions, that brought together 63 speakers and moderators from 5 continents. Together, they tackled topics like migrants’ rights and border control, social justice and the case of the Dutch child benefits scandal, the impact of surveillance technologies on the gig economy and how algorithm harm connects to the the criminal legal cycle.

For CPDP 2022, the session we propose will take the conversation further. In today’s transitional times, what can academia, privacy professionals, decision makers and civil society collectively do, in order to bring the voices of the most affected at the core of the debate around privacy and data protection? What steps do we need to collectively take in order to inform the political agenda with the perspective of racialised and marginalised communities, around EU regulation around digital borders, AI governance and platform regulation? How can we make space for new actors working on social and racial justice issues, in the field of privacy professionals, academia and civil society?

We will aim to answer these questions together with advocates working at national and European level, focusing on defending sex workers rights, LGBTQI+ individuals, racialised and marginalised communities as well as actors committed to a privacy-friendly society of the future.

Moderator: Claire Fernandez, European Digital Rights (International)

Speaker 1: Eline Kindt, Liga voor Mensenrechten (Belgium)

Speaker 2 : Yigit Aydin, European Sex Workers Rights Alliance (International)

Speaker 3 : Rocco Bellanova (University of Amsterdam)

Organised by Edri


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