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1/2/2019 2:15 PM
1/2/2019 3:30 PM
Privacy Salon
Area 42
Rue de Palais 42-46, 1030 Brussels

Event Description

Filmmaker, artist and researcher Manu Luksch (Open Society Fellow, Visiting Fellow Goldsmiths-University of London) will present her ongoing project Predictive City, which explores artistic strategies to demystify issues and engage the public in the debate around algorithmic decision making.

Such systems promise general efficiency gains, significant advances in specific fields (such as medical image analysis), and protection against blatant human errors and biases. Predictive analytics and modelling raise the stakes not only for individuals, but also for entire societies. How might micro-targeted marketing or big data-driven predictions of behavior and morbidity impact the shape and possibilities of a person’s life? (‘We are serious. This is the end of dating’. eharmony). A proper understanding of what exactly is at stake is hampered by the forbidding difficulty of unpicking these technologies and the (often extravagant) claims made about them (‘Solving Intelligence’).

Luksch’s project includes tools such as a browser plugin to highlight and interrogate key words associated with the algorithmic turn, an investigative film shoot inside one of the tech industry’s leading player in smart city technologies, and media-process works such as ALGO-RHYTHM, which evokes the spectre of algorithmic electioneering.

This is a public event. Persons not attending CPDP are required to register by sending their first and last name to irina(at)privacysalon.org.


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