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30/1/2019 5:15 PM
30/1/2019 6:30 PM
Privacy Salon
Area 42
Area 42, Rue de Palais 42-46, 1030 Brussels

Event Description

Artist and researcher Adam Harvey will debut a new chapter of the MegaPixels project, an investigation into the origins and ethics of facial recognition training datasets. What many Internet users might not yet know is that many facial recognition datasets are created from social media posts, Flickr albums, Instagram, and Google searchers of public figures. Facial recognition only works when there is enough training data and much of that data is generated by Internet users.  But many of these datasets disappear from the public view once they are created. The MegaPixels project is building a new facial recognition API that helps you search these datasets for your image in order to challenge.

Looking beyond the actual facial images, the project also explores the origins and digital trade routes and the complexities of unregulated international facial data exchange.

This is a public event. Persons not attending CPDP are required to register by sending their first and last name to irina(at)privacysalon.org.


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