22/1/2020 9:00 AM
24/1/2020 6:00 PM
Privacy Salon and LSTS
Area 42
Paleizenstraat 46, 1030 Brussel

Event Description

CPDP Soundsystem is a room to relax, sit back and enjoy music on the topics of AI, data protection and privacy. It might also be a room where you can think (differently?) about all this, tapping your feet at the same time. Or maybe even sing along. Or dance. Or play air guitar.

CPDP Soundsystem invites you to a variety of Music Experiences.

  • On Wednesday morning, Thursday morning and Friday we welcome you to listen to curated audio playlists, presenting special selections of tracks assembled by artists, musicians, researchers and academics. Invited by Privacy Salon and LSTS (VUB), they will explore from their own perspectives the intersections between music and sound and CPDP-subjects.

  • On Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon, Privacy Salon organises live radio broadcasting from CPDP soundsystem in collaboration with the Brussels based The Word Radio and Crosstalks (VUB): live DJ sets, concerts and seminars on the topic of Data Pollution and AI. Stay tuned through

  • Finally, on Thursday evening the Music Experience Room will go into party mode with human video-selectors (incl. VJ Soeur Veillance).


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