Wednesday 24 May 2023
La Cave
Université de Paris-Saclay and INSA Centre Val de Loire (FR)

Panel Description

94% of under 18 minors play computer games. 60% of them play online and 52% of them play every day. When compared to the general population, where only 37% play every day, most minors (64%) feel that signing onto an online game is a common action, and that they should be allowed to do it unsupervised from 14 years old. In other words, mass consumption of online gaming by minors is the norm today. However, such use by a very young public asks many questions concerning privacy protection: indeed, in principle parental consent is needed, but in reality, this is greatly ignored. The objective of this panel is to discuss the legal, economic, technical and regulation aspects to offer a better protection to under 18 minors, while preserving innovation of the gaming industry.

• What is specific to data processed and published in online games?
• What are the risks of misuse of internal and published data concerning minors in online games?
• What proposals to improve data protection of under 18 minors in online games?
• How should the gaming industry be assisted to achieve these goals?

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