Wednesday 25 May 2022
Grande Halle

Panel Description

In a world that increasingly recognises that gender cannot be understood as binary and immutable, technology and law appear to be still too often trapped in male/female classifications, leaving aside the rights, needs and concerns of those who are un- or mis-represented by such classifying canvas, and possibly harmed by it. And in a Europe lacking a consistent approach towards the recognition of gender identities, the debate on how to appropriately protect gender identifies online is far from being solved. This panel will discuss privacy and data protection rights of non-binary and trans individuals, but also deeply intertwined issues around data collection and (legal and technical) gender categorisation. Aiming at throwing light on how to best protect the digital rights of all, which necessarily requires taking seriously the digital rights of LGBTQ+ individuals, it will ask:

• How to protect better the data rights of non-binary and trans communities?
• Do we need less data, more data, and/or different data?
• Which role for law and which role for technology in this process of rethinking gender categorisation practices?
• And what can we learn for a better (data) protection of all, regardless of their gender?

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