Wednesday 24 May 2023
Grande Halle
Council of Europe (INT)

Panel Description

The ratification of the Protocol CETS No 223 amending Convention 108 remains the main priority for the 55 state Parties of Convention 108. And not only, as the European Commission is also advocating at a highest level for its quick entry into force and for that it stays the reference framework for the protection of privacy and personal data in the digital age. This Protocol, adopted in 2018, has already an impact on the level of privacy and the international flow of data, as it contributes to the convergence of privacy regimes around the globe, which will surely intensify once the instrument comes into force. Completing 38 ratifications in 2024, the modernised Convention 108 will, even if partially, enter into force. With this modern(ised) and robust multilateral instrument new possibilities will be opened to elevate the protection of privacy to a global level based on its commonly agreeable and adaptable standards and provisions.

• Will the entry into force of the amending Protocol change anything at all?
• Will the modernised Convention 108 be able to deliver its promises?
• Will individuals be more protected in its state Parties? Globally?
• Will sending data abroad be easier after its entry into force? In the private sector? In the public sector?

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