Wednesday 24 May 2023
Area 42 Midi
VULNERA - the International Observatory (BE)

Panel Description

When understanding how data protection and privacy law puts safeguards in place to protect human vulnerability, it is crucial to start with understanding who are the vulnerable people and groups that need protection, in which contexts and to what harms. This panel will discuss how to define vulnerability in a relevant way for the data-driven society before exploring the actual mechanisms in data protection law and in the broader European Digital Strategy (mostly the DSA and the AIA) to ensure the protection of vulnerable and marginalised people.

• What is the best way to address vulnerabilities of data subjects, users, citizens?
• Is the definition of vulnerable people in the AIA adequate?
• Is the DSA a relevant addition to protect human vulnerabilities online?
• Are there active participative models that could mitigate marginalisation, power imbalance and vulnerability?

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