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Wednesday 30 January 2019
Area 42 Petit
Politecnico di Torino

Panel Description

Data-intensive products and services raise questions about the values embedded in them. These values shape how information is processed to profile and classify individuals and groups to take decisions that concern them or may affect their behaviour. Data protection then becomes a constituent element of citizenship. Digital democracy cannot operate with data-enabled social stigma and behaviour control. There is a risk that “algorithmic truth” prevails over democratic decisions. Collective issues concerning ethical and social impact of data use must therefore be adequately addressed in developing data governance models in the early design stage of products and services. Societal consequences should be assessed using open and participatory solutions. Engaging with products and services at the point of design allows us to reach beyond privacy laws to embed ethical considerations that cultivate moral values and capabilities in practice without undermining necessary regulations.

• How can data protection and GDPR properly address the societal consequences of data use?
• How do developers of IoT projects and services enact practices with ethical significance and consequence?
• How can considerations of ethics be translated into practical policy and design recommendations?
• How can design for speculation encourage the consideration and imagination of broader socio / economic / political / ecological implications of the new technology we make?

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