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Petite Halle
International Laboratory for IT and IP Law, Higher School of Economics

Panel Description

Over the years, social networks, search engines, marketplaces and other online platforms accumulated vast amounts of data related to their users. GDPR entitles Internet users to access their data processed by online platforms. On the other hand, providers of new Internet services may also wish to access this data to offer their services. In practice, online platforms tend to deny full acccess to personal data to Internet users as well as to other businesses citing concerns over protection of their trade secrets and investments. The objective of this panel is to discuss to what extent online platforms can control the use of accumulated personal data and the information derived from such data and how the balance can be struck between the interests of online platforms, other Internet businesses and users.

• Who should have the right to claim “data ownership”: online platforms, users or both?
• How can investments of online platforms into development of user databases be adequately protected?
• To what extent should antitrust law regulate use of personal data by online platforms?
• Do online platforms have any arguments, on the grounds of GDPR, to refuse their users full access to (generated) personal data?


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