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Wednesday 30 January 2019
La Cave
Privacy International

Panel Description

In November 2018, complaints were filed against seven data brokers, ad-tech companies and credit referencing agencies with data protection authorities in France, Ireland, and the UK. These complaints target companies that, despite exploiting the data of millions of people, are not household names and therefore rarely have their practices challenged. It’s incredibly difficult - even for experts - to understand what is happening to our data. Nowhere is such data exploitation more persistent and systemic than in the complex data ecosystem. The drive to create targeted ads has created an entire ecosystem made up of thousands of companies in the business of tracking and profiling people in virtually all aspects. Uncovering the ecosystem is hard and holding the system to account even harder. The panel will shed light on the ecosystem, raise questions around the impact of GDPR on the ecosystem, and discuss lessons learned from academics, civil society, regulators, journalists, and industry.

• Why is the data ecosystem so complex and often hidden?
• Has GDPR changed anything?
• What regulatory enforcement action are we going to see in 2019?
• How can individuals, civil society, journalists and artists shed light into the hidden data ecosystem?


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