Thursday 23 January 2020
Grande Halle

Panel Description

In numerous privacy and data protection conferences and workshops, academics moderate discussions between policymakers, regulators and industry players. Academics are tough inquisitors and harsh critics, pointing out the shortcomings of legislation, the slow turn of the wheels of justice, the practical challenges of enforcement and the tangled web of interests of businesses. In this session we turn the tables. Helen Dixon, Data Protection Commissioner for Ireland, will be asking the questions. The academics will be in the hot seat providing direct and complete answers. Are their theories sound and coherent? Do they influence the world outside the ivory tower? Did their writings withstand the test of time?

  • The gap between the theory and practice of privacy and data protection
  • The role for higher education in developing a privacy and data protection workforce
  • The implications of privacy as a fundamental right, as trust and as a techno-social safety valve
  • Differences and similarities between privacy and data protection scholarship in the US and EU  


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