Thursday 25 May 2023
Area 42 Grand
Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law, University of Vienna (AT)

Panel Description

The EU’s data strategy focuses on three primary objectives: the free movement of data within the EU and across sectors; respect for European rules and values, especially regarding the protection of personal data, consumer protection and competition law; fair access to and use of data with trustworthy data management. Emerging data spaces aim to achieve them by creating environments that enable data exchange compliant with legal and technical standards ensuring data security. The panel will discuss the challenges of building international and European data spaces. Based on the examples provided by International Data Spaces and the TRUSTEE project, the panellists will explore how emerging changes in the legal framework impact data spaces, what security solutions are appropriate to ensure data privacy, security, interoperability and compliance with ethical standards and how the deployment of AI/ML solutions could potentially improve data manipulation in data spaces without compromising the privacy of individuals.

• What are the main challenges involved in the design and development of data spaces, considering the legal, ethical and technological perspectives?
• How does the possibility to search and utilise data in the encrypted domain enforce data privacy in data sharing between a data provider and a data consumer?
• How can the accountability of the actions conducted by the actors using the data spaces for the data exchange and interaction be ensured?
• How might the application of the AI/ML solutions facilitate the data manipulation in thedata spaces while preserving its privacy?

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