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Thursday 31 January 2019
La Cave
CRIDS – University of Namur

Panel Description

The word ‘touch’ is the central actor of this panel. Maria Puig De La Bellacasa (2009) affirms that ‘touch is world making, a thought that resonates with relational ontologies for which being is relating.‘ What can and does “touch” in our knowledge of the world and of others, in our perception of our responsibility and the care we owe to others? How is this touching approach of the world today modified by sensors and censors, by calculated data who mediate our relation to the world and to the others? Most of the European H2020 projects in which we are engaged promote this ‘agir à distance’. They will be an opportunity to question the ethical and legal issues on these new modes of ‘disincorporated’ interaction with the world.

• What are the main ethical specificities of touching for relationships to others and for our engagement with the world?
• What does that mean, for our humanity, to live, work, interact with technologies that mediate and disembody our human interactions?
• Are artificial and technological developments of touch desirable to rediscover the sensation of non-mediated and corporeal relationships?
• What could it mean for the ethical assessment of technologies to think them with touch?

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