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Friday 1 February 2019
Area 42 Petit

Panel Description

The use of big data is becoming central to many forms of scientific research. The use of big health data in particular presents vast opportunities for researchers whilst at the same time presenting many challenges, not least in the area of privacy and data protection. This panel will focus on these challenges and analyse what problems they may pose for the future of research with ‘big health data’. It will include perspectives form scientific researchers (related to computational genetics), biobanking and the pharmaceutical industry. The aim will be to present a balanced and varied perspective of how data protection laws can facilitate and hinder research using ‘big health data’.

• Why does data protection present problems for research with big health data?
• How do data protection requirements impact on researchers using big genetic data?
• How do they affect the use of big health data in biobanking?
• To what extent does data protection law allow big data to be assembled from secondary data for research purposes?


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