Friday 24 January 2020
Petite Halle
The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute (IRI)

Panel Description

This panel will explore the intersection between AI and health, bringing together experts from across the field. AI can be utilized for a number of different purposes such as to predict and prevent disease, provide personalized healthcare, improve drug development, offer wellness monitoring for chronic conditions and to give support to formal and informal caregivers. Although the application of AI offers major opportunities to improve efficiency and care, there are simultaneously serious concerns that can undercut the use of this technology and its further development. This panel will explore the applications, benefits, and challenges surrounding the Internet of Health Things. It will ask the following:

  • Is it just buzz or is AI really revolutionizing the health sector?
  • What is the role of de-identification in addressing ethical and legal concerns raised in this context?
  • Who is ultimately accountable if a serious error is made by AI?


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