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Thursday 31 January 2019
Area 42 Grand
Privacy in Germany (PinG)

Panel Description

25 May 2018 was a troubled date for several kinds of data processors. However, especially media professionals (e.g. journalists) and amateurs (e.g. bloggers) felt left standing in the rain. Art. 85 GDPR leaves most of the responsibility to reconcile the right to the protection of personal data pursuant to the GDPR with the right to freedom of expression and information (Art. 11 CFR) to the member states. However, many states did little to nothing to pass specific rules to relieve the mentioned addressees. Thus, has the situation for the freedom of expression fundamentally changed? To what extent do certain rules of the GDPR enable or require a media-friendly interpretation? Which member states fulfilled their obligations to pass rules under Art. 85 GDPR? Could the lack of such rules enable a misuse of Data Protection Law that could jeopardise media freedoms?

• The balance between data protection and freedom of expression after the GDPR
• New rules under Art. 85 GDPR in different Member States
• Potential jeopardies and uncertainties for press and media
• Overall effects for democracy in the EU

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