Wednesday 22 January 2020
Grande Halle

Panel Description

The GDPR has entered the European legal landscape with both fanfare and furore. The law promises much, inlcuding the ability to address a broad range of social problems posed by current data processing technologies and the ability to adapt to future technological progress. Yet, already, the capacity of the GDPR to deal with cutting edge data processing technologies - such as AI and blockchain - has been called into question. Such criticism seems unlikely to abate as data processing technologies continue to evolve. This panel convenes speakers from a range of secotrs to debate the capacity and resilience of the GDPR in the face of technological advance.

  • To what degree should law seek to keep pace with technological development?
  • To what degree should data protection law seek to keep pace with new data processing technologies and the new social challenges these cause?
  • What, if any, flaws does the GDPR show in its approach to addressing technological change?
  • Can these deficits be addressed through the GDPR, or are other approaches necessary?


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