Thursday 25 May 2023
Grande Halle
European Data Protection Supervisor (EU)

Panel Description

This panel seeks to serve as an official follow-up to the debate kick-started at the EDPS 2022 conference on the future of effective enforcement of data protection law. A year following the EDPS conference, this panel will take stock of the recent developments. Topics such as improving GDPR enforcement through the Commission’s work program, major cases issued under the One-Stop-Shop model since, or recent challenges and systemic disputes that have emerged, all may be discussed. The central aim of the panel will be to answer the question of lies in store for the future of effective enforcement. This panel will be an opportunity to hear from the heart of the debate itself.

• What is the current state of initiatives undertaken to improve enforcement such as streamlining cooperation and harmonizing national procedural rules?
• How has the enforcement landscape changed over the last year? Have recent cases or soft-law approaches altered the status-quo?
• What lessons can we still learn from other fields of law, pointing to the need for a more central approach?

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