Wednesday 22 January 2020
Petite Halle
The Future of Privacy Forum

Panel Description

Autonomous and highly automated vehicles are likely the first product that will bring AI to the masses in a life-changing way. They rely on AI for a variety of uses: from mapping, perception and prediction, to self-driving technologies. Their promise is great: increasing the safety and convenience of our cities and roads. But so are the challenges that come with it, from solving life and death questions to putting in place a framework that works for the protection of fundamental rights of drivers, passengers and everyone physically around them. This panel proposes a EU-US comparative perspective to discuss essential questions. Are existing legal frameworks well-equipped to deal with these challenges? How much data and what type of data runs through all systems of an autonomous vehicle? What rights are affected? What ethical considerations might play into decision-making algorithms around accidents?

- How are highly automated and autonomous vehicles using AI?
- How are regulators around the world managing the data and AI used in highly automated and autonomous vehicles?
- What are the benefits of autonomous vehicles and what are the risks to individual rights? How can they be balanced?
- What lessons might be learned from this space for other applications of AI? (regulatory or otherwise)


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