Wednesday 24 May 2023
Area 42 Petit
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Health and Ageing Law Lab (LSTS, HALL) (BE)

Panel Description

The proposed European Health Data Space represents a radical idea that is likely to fundamentally change the way health data is used and shared across Europe. Its proposals to facilitate the increase secondary use of health data for scientific research will bring about an increased level of data sharing and seemingly reduce the importance of obtaining consent in many forms of research. Whilst it is hoped that the EHDS will go some way to redressing a perceived research gap that has opened up between Europe and the US, significant concerns exist surrounding the protecting of individual interests, especially in terms of privacy and data protection. This panel will explore some of these issues, looking at both the promises and the challenges the EHDS brings with it.

• The secondary use of health data: is it the revolution in legal regimes for data?
• How may the secondary use of health data facilitate the scientific research?
• Is the secondary use of health data compatible with data protection, privacy, and other interests of individuals?
• The EHDS and secondary use of health data: what is the direction to move forward?


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