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Wednesday 30 January 2019
Area 42 Petit
Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy

Panel Description

Smart City (SC) developments are embedding digital technologies in all aspects of urban life. Typically, the focus is more efficient services and better-informed policy-making. The SC umbrella covers a range of technologies/practices, including sensory devices, large data sets, data science, sentiment analysis, new apps and dashboards (etc.). Whilst the focus has been on service delivery there is an increasing awareness that these technologies can be used for citizen engagement and novel governance practices - to empower service users and citizens. There has also been an increasing awareness of the data intensity of these SC practices and concern about the privacy/data protection implications, with commentators referring to SC’s as ‘Smart Surveillance Cities’, primarily because the possibilities offered rely on the collection, processing and matching of vast quantities of personal data. Drawing on academic, activist, practitioner and regulatory perspectives, this panel examines the privacy issues in a contemporary SC environment.

• What are the privacy and data protection issues relating to Smart City 
• How is privacy and data protection managed in the Smart City context?
• To what extent are citizens and service users engaged in the governance of privacy in Smart Cities?
• Are Smart Cities by definition also Smart Surveillance Cities?


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