Thursday 25 May 2023
Area 42 Grand
Centro Nazionale IoT e Privacy (IT)

Panel Description

Sharing is caring and sharing data may be part of the answer to nowadays’ issues, but its development is still in the first phase. The creation of data spaces faces obstacles and raises (personal) data protection concerns. To date, there are no proper best practices on technical and organizational measures. In light of these issues, the panel will explore solutions to create functional and safe data space and data-sharing models, analyzing the role of the data intermediaries within the sharing ecosystem. It will Focus on synthetic data, a cutting-edge privacy-enhancing technology, that promises to be a viable alternative to the use of personal data in various sectors. Sectoral data spaces developed in a framework made by synthetic data may come to solve the issues, guaranteeing citizens’ rights while unleashing the potential to fully exploit the value within data.

• Are we technology-ready to govern the EU digital single market?
• Is it possible to balance the highest standards of data protection with maximum data availability?
• May a synergy between data intermediaries and synthetic data be the answer to the growing need of data?
• How can big platforms team with SMEs to create data spaces and help in solving today’s problems?

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