Friday 24 January 2020
Area 42 Grand
Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation

Panel Description

In Europe, the new Commission is developing a vision for "a Europe fit for the digital age",  on the basis of the old Digital Single Market paradigm. The new Digital Services Act - which entails a review of the E-Commerce Directive combined with new platform regulation - has been announced as a cornerstone of digital regulation.  Will civil society be able to propose its own vision for a European regulatory approach to online platforms? As the basis for discussion, we will use the “Shared Digital Europe” policy vision - an alternative framework for digital policy developed by a group of activists in 2018-2019. This new vision focuses on principles that promote decentralisation, self-sovereignty, the commons, and public institutions.

  • What is the progressive approach to platform regulation that emerges from the "Shared Digital Europe" vision?
  • How can we move away from the market-centric vision of the Digital Single Market and what new values should we focus on?
  • Should we shift focus from individual rights and address collective rights as well?
  • Should European public institutions play a stronger role in the platform ecosystem?


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