Friday 26 May 2023
Grande Halle

Panel Description

In parallel to the enforcement of their digital rights (GDPR, DMA, DSA, ePrivacy, and so on) by public authorities, users can also turn to the judges to enforce their rights. Access to justice is however not always guaranteed. The Directive on Collective Redress (RAD) was aimed at being implemented by the end of 2022 by Member States and will enable consumers to bring collective actions to enforce their rights. The panel will discuss how the Directive could be a game changer for the collective enforcement of users’ rights and under which conditions. Speakers will also see how the existing national regimes can address -or not- the challenges of access to justice and collective enforcement of digital rights.

• What are collective actions in the EU?
• What can we expect from collective actions?
• How can collective redress actions be financed?
• Are we ready to see you in court?


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