Tuesday 24 May 2022
Area 42 Petit
University of Twente / Project BRIDE (NL)

Panel Description

Smart city projects often include the use of sensors in public urban spaces. Thus, users of theses spaces hardly have an opportunity to opt-out of these systems. In our panel, we will discuss the responsibilities of public and private actors regarding the development, placement and use of such systems beyond GDPR compliance. We will especially focus on the interface between municipalities and local authorities on the one side and private tech companies on the other side. How can municipalities, e.g., steer and govern technological developments? Should and can cities act on behalf of citizens and other city users? Is it sufficient to inform and educate citizens about data collections in public spaces? Or do cities to do more?

• How to inform the public about sensors in public space?
• What options do local authorities have to steer technology development and deployment?
• Is it sufficient if technology developers follow the existing frameworks?
• How much room should there be for local differences?

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