Monday 23 May 2022
Grande Halle

Panel Description

This high-level panel will discuss the future of international transfers regulation, including the issue of surveillance (aka “government access to data”) and the “data flows with trust” concept which appears to be gaining momentum since its introduction by Japan in the G7 context. Its objective would be to bring the EU data protection regulators’ perspective in relation to a debate which so far takes place mainly in other fora (OECD, CoE, bilateral EU-US discussions) and to explore possible long-term solutions that could satisfy the high standards of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the CJEU case law.

• What is the current state of play of post-GDPR adequacy reviews? As adequacy decisions are a long and time-consuming process, what expectations for facilitating data flows between the EU and the rest of the world can they realistically fulfil?
• Is there an inherent contradiction between “data sovereignty” and data localisation and the “push for the free flow of data in the digital world”, both of which are simultaneously promoted by the EU in various contexts?
• What multilateral solutions could be envisaged and within what timeframe? What can we learn from other models of regulation of data flows?

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