Thursday 25 May 2023
La Cave
Center for Technology and Society at FGV (BR)

Panel Description

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are being employed for a wide range of purposes in the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). These technologies present opportunities to achieve faster and better results in different activities. However they also present risks to fundamental rights and liberties, especially the right to non-discrimination, privacy and data protection. These risks and opportunities call for regulatory action, which is being developed or is already deployed by all BRICS countries at the moment.

The panel plans to discuss the different normative initiatives regarding the regulation of AI, discussing opportunities, challenges and limits for these actions. The speakers will address the Brazilian draft AI bill, which was proposed by the Jurists Commission from the Brazilian Senate specialists. The panel will also address and evaluate the Russian AI Law, that determines a differential legal framework for the use of AI technologies until 2025, and the Chinese regulatory framework, that sets rules about the use of AI on different stages of development, bringing obligations for instance for the registry of algorithms. The panel will also discuss Insian and South African regulatory initiatives, highlighting what should be updated
in the existent regulations and comparing the different approaches.

• What are the main challenges in the artificial intelligence regulation?
• What are the benefits of a risk-based approach regulation?
• What are the positive and negative highlights of the already existing normative schemes in the BRICS countries?
• What are BRICS countries approaches in terms of enforcement of AI regulations?


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