Monday 23 May 2022
Area 42 Petit

Panel Description

Any child born today will be impacted by Artificial Intelligence. It is everywhere, from children’s video games to their classrooms, from their smartphones to their online social platforms. This can be positive, as teaching children about this technology could enable them to do incredible things with it. But there are also potential adverse effects. Intentionally or not, this technology can be used to their detriment, and put at risk their rights and interests - such as their privacy, autonomy and well-being. In this session, we would like to dive into the details of how to help ensure that children can enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence, while ensuring that their human rights are protected. The panel will therefore focus on the specific risks associated with AI and children, but also on how we can properly empower them as members of the so-called “AI generation.”

• What are the major concerns when using AI in relation to children?
• Any child born now will be influenced by AI; how do we ensure that the deployment of AI takes into account the children’s fundamental rights?
• How could we guarantee that the rights and interests of children are prioritised (e.g. over commercial or other interests) when designing AI systems?
• What role does education play in protecting the rights of children? How can we improve AI literacy? What are the roles of parents and educators in this regard?


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