Thursday 23 January 2020
Area 42 Petit
Trust & Technology Initiative, University of Cambridge

Panel Description

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics all entail computation over data. In many scenarios this will involve the processing of personal data. As such, there are on-going efforts towards technical methods for enabling more ‘privacy-oriented’ data processing. These methods aim at restricting and managing the information used or revealed by computational processes. Often collectively termed ‘Privacy Enhancing Technologies’ (PETs), the area is gaining attention, with some methods nascent and evolving. This panel will consider the data protection challenges and opportunities in the emerging PETs landscape, and the broader considerations that such technologies raise. The discussion will cover issues including:

  • The nature of PETs and their design
  • The implications of PETs on the analytics lifecycle
  • How industry might gain by deploying such methods
  • The considerations that PETs raise for supervisory authorities


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